Dubai Metal Industries

Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre Engineered Buildings

Dubai Metal Industries may encompass a range of services related to metal fabrication, construction, and interior work. When it comes to glass and interior works within this context, it could involve various activities related to the design, fabrication, and installation of metal-based structures and components within interior spaces. 

PEB comprises of –

a) Primary Members include: Columns, Rafters, Crane beams, etc.

b) Secondary Members include: Purlins, Bracings, Tie rods, Angle bracings, High Tensile Bolts and washers etc.

c) Roofing, Cladding & Accessories include: Top Roof Sheets/Panels , Side Cladding (Vertical) Sheets/Panels, Skylights Sheets, Ventilators, Louvers, Downspouts, etc.

Application For PEB’s
  1. Factories & Warehouses
  2. Workshop Facilities & Commercial Showrooms
  3. Community Halls & Indoor Stadiums, Stadium Galleries
  4. Cold Storages
  5. Car Parking Sheds and Bus Bays
  6. Railway Platform Structures and Roofs
  7. Airports, Sea Ports , Oil & Gas Processing Industries

      8. Power Generating Stations etc.